So much to think about here, Skye! What a great post - thank you.

I read Romeo & Juliet for my A-level English. I'd heard OF the story before that, but had no clue before I picked up my copy of the play quite what it was all about. It was beautiful, shocking, heartbreaking and life-affirming in its tragic way. I haven't seen the Luhrman film (where have I BEEN?!) but I think I'll seek it out!

Your point about love for yourself is absolutely spot on. Thank you so much for a great read!

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I think you're absolutely right on in what you said about violence being okay to talk about and show everywhere, but not sex. I'm not saying overdoing either is right of course, but our culture being so blase about bloody gory violence but so horrified about nudity, for example, is a huge double standard. But I also agree that love for yourself is the most important thing! If you don't love yourself, I don't think you can really begin to love others the way they deserve.

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